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St Agape Orthodox Church St Agape Orthodox Church

Photo Gallery: St Agape 2019 Photo Gallery: St Agape 2019

St Agape 2019
[Bishop Anthony Webster and Baptism of Daughter, Toni Webster]

Bishop Anthony Webster, St Agape Orthodox Church, Tallahassee, Fl had the honor of performing the Baptism of his Daughter; Toni Webster.  The Ancient Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC); AND St George Archdiocese all welcome Toni.  Bishop Anthony also performed a "Home Blessing".  Bishop Anthony was accompanied by Sub Deacon Anthony N. Webster and Episcopa Joyce Webster.  Metropolitan Cyril Mark, AOCC, welcomed Toni during a joint virtual liturgy service .

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Entrance of St Agape church

This picture captures the true feeling of Welcome and "Come, See and Taste", when you visit this warm and spirit filled Parish.

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Interior of St Agape

This photo displays some of the ancient furniture that the St Agape Church possess.  The two "Throne Chairs" are more than a 100 years old.

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[+Bishop John Mark at HQ]

Bishop John Mark and Episcopa Gloria at the St George Diocese Convocation , January 10 - 13, 2019

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Archbishop Cyril Mark at HQ

The St George Diocese held the Diocese Convocation in Washington D.C. , January 10 - 13, 2019.  The Annual Domestic Worship Council will convene in Toronto, Canada in August.

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Interior view of HQ Bldg St George
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St George ArchDiocese HQ

St George Archdiocese, located in Washington D.C.  Archbishop Cyril Mark is the Rector

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Bishop Anthony, Archbishop Cyril and Bishop John]

Archbishop Cyril ; in the center is the leader of the St George Diocese; Washington D.C.; Bishop Anthony; Tallahassee, Fl and Bishop John, Rocky Mont, North Carolina.

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Chaplin Dar, Big Bend Hospice ; Speaker at Council]

Chaplain Dar of the Big Bend Hospice was a guest speaker at the St George Diocese  Annual Council Meeting held at St Agape Orthodox Church here in Tallahassee, Florida.

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[Bishop Johh Mark and Episcopa Gloria]

This picture was taken at St Agape Orthodox Church, Tallahassee, Fl during the St George Diocese Annual Council.

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[Bishop Anthony Webster and Episcopa Joyce]

This picture is taken at St Agape Orthodox Church,  Tallahassee, Fl.

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[Archbishop Cyril Mark and Episcopa Barbara

Picture was taken at St Agape Orthodox Church, Tallahassee, Fl,  pastor Bishop Anthony Webster

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