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St Agape Orthodox Church St Agape Orthodox Church

Photo Gallery: ST AGAPE 2015 Photo Gallery: ST AGAPE 2015

Draped Seat at St Agape Orthodox Church]

This seat will be draped for 30 days in memory of our beloved Bishop TAB Bush.

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[Bishop Bush departed this life on May 2,2017]

Bishop Thomas Anthony (TAB) Bush was called home on the 2nd of May 2017.  He was an active member of St Agape Orthodox Church in Tallahassee, Fl.  +Bishop Anthony Webster, OSB is the pastor.  St Agape is under the Episcopacy of the Diocese of St George of Washington D.C. under Archbishop Cyril Mark.  We will all miss Bishop TAB Bush.

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Archbishop Cyril Mark provides OSB Instructions

The Archbishop for the Diocese of St George and the Archbishop overseeing St Agape Orthodox Church is providing OSB Instruction to Bishop TAB Bush.

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Bishop Anthony reads OSB obligations

+Bishop TAB Bush is receiving his OSB Obligation from +Bishop Anthony of St Agape Orthodox Church, Tallahassee, Fl

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+Bishop TAB Bush OSB Installation

Installing +Bishop Bush in the OSB.  Bishop TAB Bush was installed into the Order of St. Bendict at the Annual Diocese of St George meeting in North Carolina in January of 2017.  Bishop TAB Bush is standing to our far right as you view this picture.  He is a member of St Agape Orthodox Church, Tallahassee , Fl.  He is under +Bishop Anthony Webster; his Overseer and Pastor.

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[Thompson Family visits St Agape Orthodox Church]

Episcopa Joyce Webster"s Family visited St Agape Orthodox Church's Sunday Matin.  The service was rendered after the funeral of her brother Sgt Major Arthur Thompson on April 29, 2017.  St Agape , +Bishop Anthony and the congregation thank them selecting our church to attend on this day.  The music was provided by Chris Whitehead.  We are always greatful  to he and his drummer.

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[+Anthony examining the structure of Iconostasis]

+Anthony is in the process of moving the Iconostasis to St Agape Orthodox Church.

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[Bishop Anthony is awaiting the transport of Iconostasis ]

St Agape Orthodox Church has developed a "portable" Iconostasis that can be transported from one facility to another and still maintain the authectic Ancient Church environment.

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[St Agape Orthodox Church and +Anthony]

This picture shows the sancutary when the Iconostasis has not been put in place.  Space is then used to make presentations; etc. +Anthony is during his Baptismal Prepration Classes awaiting the candidates, parents and God-parents.  It is mandatory that Baptismal Candidates participate in two (2) such classes prior to Baptism.  This Sacrament is currently scheduled for August 20, 2016 at the DWCN Annual Conference.  All is welcome.  Contact St Agape Orthodox Church 703-598-9435.

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[Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church]

This church is on the tour for the DWCN 2016 Council in Tallahassee, Fl.

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[+Anthony at the Staybridge Suites]

This is the place that the DWCN 2016 will be held in Tallahassee, Fl.The Agenda is as follows:

Aug 18...........Holy Synod Meeting and Meet and Greet........................Staybridge Theater Room   6:00PM - 10:00PM

Aug 19 --------- Registration, Matin Service, Welcome......8:30 ...10:00Am.  History of ECOCW,  Anglican & Orthodox Church and 

Old Catholic Church relationships.[St. Agape Orthodox Church] Lunch Cinco De Mayo Mexican Resturant 1:00PM Tour of Mother Of God Greek Orthodox Church , History Lecture and the Role of Women in the Orthodox Church. Vesper [St Agape Orthodox Church] and   Dinner at the Nefetari's Egyptian Resturant

Aug 20 ---------Matin Service,  Holy Orders and Ordinations, Development of the Ancient Church International & Local Ministries Noon Day Service and the Sacrament of Baptism. [St Agape Orthodox Church.] Free time for remainder of the Day

Aug 21 -------- Mass, Divine Liturgy  Sacraments of Holy Orders Sub-Deacons, Christmation. Order of St Benedict  [Staybridge Suites Conference Room]  9:00AM ----!2:00 Noon

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[St Agape Orthodox Church, Tallahassee, Fl]

+Anthony Webster is the Paster of this church.  St Agape Orthodox Church is hosting the 2016 Ecumenical Orthodox Church Worldwide DWCN Annual Council.  The council will be held August 19 -21 here in Tallahassee, Fl.

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