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Damage loss on convectrix after latest hotfix? Damage loss on convectrix after latest hotfix?

   Discussion: Damage loss on convectrix after latest hotfix?
westinbrodey · 6 years, 5 months ago
Hii.. I was messing around with Convectrix yesterday and it was pretty fun. Even with an incomplete build, it managed to do decent damage to high level targets. When I saw the hotfix changes that happened overnight I didn't think much of them since it was simply a fix, but when I tried it today in-mission I noticed a heavy loss in damage happening. I thought at first that it was because of the high ping, but then I went in the Simulacrum and tested it against the same targets I did the tests a day before and it the kill time was much higher than before. In hydrod in performed really well, but against meso level grineer today it was rather bad.  I know the hotfix changes the damage ramp-up to be target based, so I tested it against a single enemy and the damage just wasn't going up as it used to. I tested other beam weapons and the still work fine, only Convectrix seems to suffer from this problem. So I wanted to ask you if you also noticed this to know if it really did happen or it just seems to me like it did.  Please help..! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- Startup Explainers Thanks!

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